Buy Real Estate Anonymously

You can buy Sequim real estate anonymously, but do it right. Who wants to buy real estate in Sequim quietly and with no one ever knowing they own it? Plenty of people.

For example, law enforcement officers (police departments, FBI, CIA) or judges who move here may have a need to shield their families from the risk of criminals tracking them down.  Wealthy and famous people have a need for anonymity.  We have many retired executives living in the area.  Most people want their privacy.  It’s a great feeling to be able to walk freely on your 40-acre mountaintop estate without anyone even knowing you are there.

There are many ways to accomplish this, and it involves some discussion about estate planning, asset protection, entities, and so on. If you’re going to retain a Realtor, your Realtor needs to construct your offer anonymously from the get go.  I once helped a hospital in Spokane, Washington purchase an entire city block of houses adjacent to the hospital for expansion, but we could not let the individual homeowners know the hospital needed their homes or the prices would have skyrocketed far above appraised values.  We had to negotiate and purchase each house for the hospital quietly and anonymously.  We did.

Buying a property anonymously in the mountains or on the beach (or high bluff) is not precisely the same, but the process is similar.  No one must know who you (the principal) are, or that you are even shopping for real estate here.  Neither the MLS data, nor the title company records, nor the treasurers tax records, nor anyone else can know or be able to find any evidence of your existence or purchase here.

If you are having a home built, you must have absolute confidentiality with your architect and your custom home builder.  In addition, all of their suppliers and subs must also sign confidentiality agreements with strong remedies for breach.  The right parties will never reveal confidentialities.  If you want to be absolutely certain you are hiring the best of the best and only those who can be committed to confidentiality without qualification, I work with those people and I can help coordinate.  In fact, I can be the intermediary so they never do know who you are.

I enjoy helping clients with this, because as a Realtor I can bring 20 years of law practice to the table, including my background as a Certified Estate Planner, and adviser in asset protection strategies. I also  became a Registered Financial Adviser (securities 7 and 66 licenses and life insurance) in order to better advise my clients on their real estate transactions. I practice exclusively as a Realtor now helping clients buy and sell real estate, which helps avoid any conflict of interest.

Email Chuck Marunde or call me on my cell (360-775-5424).  It would be a privilege to work with you.

. . Copyright Chuck E. Marunde, J.D. 2010